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Re: VMs: Voynich Dictionary?

> I'll repost in hope of a reply...
> Is there a searchable, "alphabetized" (Voynichatized?) list of all VMS
> text?  I have the transcription files but I was hoping to find what
> could be considered a VMS dictionary.
> Ken

Hello Ken,

some months ago I wrote some perl scripts, which helps me to extract
text from the interlinear transcription archive (as you can get it from
Stolfis site). You can use them to create a full concordance, a word
count statistic and similar things. A few words of documentation are
included. The only thing you need is a perl interpreter. (Look at
http://www.perl.org/, perl interpreters exists for nearly any platform,
even obsolete ones.)

If you want to get a full concordance, you just invoke from the command
line prompt (if your system is unixoid or Windows):

perl vindex.pl -o "your output file" -f "your transcription file"

The concordance is alphabetically sorted. For every "word" you get a
line beginning with the word, followed by the line locators of all
occurences of the word.

You can easily create a pure word list from the concordance file with
perl, just use the following line:

perl -ne "@a = split; print qq($a[0]\n);" "your output file" > "wordlist

If you want to download the tools, you can get them from


You are prompted for a user name and a password. Easy to remember and
far away from secure, login as:

    Username: download
    Password: download

Have fun!


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