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Re: VMs: O.T.: The Indus Script--Write or Wrong? (Science)

I know little about Indus script and civilization, but I tend to agree with Jacques.

I could use a good Indus Valley Script page to link to from my site. Could any of you recommend one?

Koontz John E wrote:

Oddly, the inscriptions are almost all found in trash dumps rather than
in graves or in primary contexts such as the floor of a home. "They were
thrown away like expired credit cards," says Meadow.

That's not so odd. Think of the number of labelled broken things we throw

That's where the Phaistos Disk were found, as Jacques noted. I believe Linear A and B were too.

Without baking in a conflagration clay tablets tend to disintegrate, so
without accidents or war nothing would remain.  We have the Mycenaean
materials we have because the sites in question were burnt by invaders.
At Pylos the notes on the mobilization to oppose the attackers make up a
portion of the materials preserved.  None of the Mycenaean materials are
literary.  A few are summary sheets with some running text.

Do you mean Linear B, etc.? I didn't know fire had been involved. But this is getting quite OT...


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