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Re: VMs: "Voynich Controversy"...?

23/12/2004 6:26:17 PM, jean-yves artero <jyartero@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>   Same for me; tried to order it used, of course no news; not seen
>   elsewhere, IIRC; could be
>   some dead project, sometimes books are displayed before they are
>   published

It sounds like the most likely explanation.
For instance, just before Chirac was re-elected,
Ramsay (I think they're rue Dauphine) had
publicized a book entitled (from memory here)
"Le triomphe de Lionel Jospin". "Publicized" 
is not the right word... they had "patented"
the title, rather, "copyrighted" it by declaring
their plan in public notices. The "Canard
enchaîné" spotted that notice and reproduced
it prominently. I see that google hasn't 
indexed "Le canard enchaîné"... :-)

Or else, I have a conspiracty theory:
someone (Amazon, Robson Books, ...?)
has planted this entry to find out how
much interest there would be in such
a book.

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