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VMs: RE: Holiday Greetings and Familiar Characters

Hello to the List.

Just a quick note to wish a most excellent Christmas Holiday and New Year
(or whatever other holidays you celebrate) to the members of the list.
I would also like to point to one of the character strings of the VMs and
see if it seems familiar to anyone else.
I refer to folio 57V: the "4 Ages" diagram or, if you're familiar with my
recent posts, the "Dark Wood" of my Divine Comedy theory.
If you look at the concentric rings of text that circle the diagram,
you'll notice that the second and fourth rings from the outside have a few
characters that don't occur much if at all in the rest of the manuscript.
I'd like to call your attention to the second ring from the outside and
the 6th, 10th and 12th characters moving to the right from the 10 o'clock
starting position.
The 6th and 12th look like Aries and Leo from the Codex Taurinensis while
the 10th (the square root)is almost exactly the same as the modern symbol
for Capricorn. All appear to be upside down compared to their normal
I realize that the history of studying the Voynich symbols is rife with
cases of "this looks like" and "this reminds me of"... my point is that
here are several symbols similar to a well known group all appearing in a
tight little set in Voynich.
Best Holiday Wishes to all,


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