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VMs: Burmese

For the "China" Lobby:

Modern Burmese Literature

***** Burmese Language and Literature http://www.angelfire.com/linux/jfernquest/burmese0.html

***** The Burmese Historical Chronicle [-- Four ancient Burmese texts --]
* Modern Burmese Literature [-- see above --]
* Burmese cinema and theatre
* Burmese Short Stories [-- see below --]
* Burmese Fonts, Keyboards, Character Encodings, and Textual Data Processing.
* Burmese Language Notes and Computational Linguistics Programs

[-- The last two items are not (yet) links --]

Burmese Short Stories [-- Too short, perhaps --]

    * Kheimari
    * Coffee
    * A Little Blade of Grass
    * A Slow Stream of Thoughts
    * Near and Far

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