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VMs: Aries paragraph marker

Dear all,

--- Nick Pelling <nickpelling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> John Grove wrote:
> > Whether they mark paragraphs or not isn't
> > the point I think Erni is making Gabriel.
> > The point being those two characters are
> > the closest to the big wierdo seen on f1r
> > that we've seen preceding a paragraph of text. 

> Surely the key issue is whether the Codex Mendoza
> is the only (non-VMs) document in which this
> symbol appears? 

Well, it does also exist in the Codex Taurinensis
as indicated on: 
and even though I have not seen any other 
examples, it is defined as the 'old style'
Aries symbol, the 'new style' having just the
V without the horizontal bar. (Would be nice
to have more information about these styles,
but I have not found any).

So I agree with John, that seeing it as an
apparent paragraph marker is a significant point.

> Have any experts on documents similar (or related)
> to the CM been asked if 
> this symbol recurs elsewhere? This would seem to be
> the obvious first step 
> in tracking it down.



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