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Re: VMs: Aries paragraph marker

Hello all.

Thank you, John, for clarifying what I said below. My point was, indeed,
the simple occurance of the symbol itself. Especially after so much having
been made of the Voynich symbols never(?) occuring anywhere else.
As to the symbol occuring elsewhere, I wrote in my earlier post:

The other places I found the "Aries" wierdo are likewise in Mesoamerican
manuscripts. It occurs in the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel, again as a
paragraph marker about 3 dozen times between folios 42V and 44R.
It occurs at the beginning of a paragraph on folio 215R of the Codex
It also occurs several times on folios 41V and 42R of the Codex Aubin.

I regret that I don't have access to complete facsimiles of the final two
manuscripts. My source in this case is the book: AZTECS by Eduardo Matos
Moctezuma and Felipe Solis Olguin, pages 384 and 388-9 respectivly.
All four of these manuscripts were written in Mexico following the Spanish
conquest by either Spanish priests or Indian scholars (the Book of Chilam
Balam was written in Mayan by a Maya priest who had learned the Spanish

Nick had asked in another post what the paragraphs marked on the Mendoza
page I linked to actually said. They are simply commentary by the writer
on the accompanying Aztec material. They are not referenced at all in the
text and are apparently just a common text marking to the author.
Rene wrote:

> Dear all,
> --- Nick Pelling <nickpelling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> John Grove wrote:
>> > Whether they mark paragraphs or not isn't
>> > the point I think Erni is making Gabriel.
>> > The point being those two characters are
>> > the closest to the big wierdo seen on f1r
>> > that we've seen preceding a paragraph of text.
>> Surely the key issue is whether the Codex Mendoza
>> is the only (non-VMs) document in which this
>> symbol appears?
> Well, it does also exist in the Codex Taurinensis
> as indicated on:
> http://www.voynich.nu/extra/mstaur.html
> and even though I have not seen any other
> examples, it is defined as the 'old style'
> Aries symbol, the 'new style' having just the
> V without the horizontal bar. (Would be nice
> to have more information about these styles,
> but I have not found any).
> So I agree with John, that seeing it as an
> apparent paragraph marker is a significant point.
>> Have any experts on documents similar (or related)
>> to the CM been asked if
>> this symbol recurs elsewhere? This would seem to be
>> the obvious first step
>> in tracking it down.
> Agreed!
> Rene
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