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Re: VMs: Faces at the roots

(bottom reply) :-)

 > This "mid word peak" .......

 This is why the VMS author is so evil in his method. There is a clear
 distinction between when he means a stand alone t gallows and one
 that should be combined with other characters. This is one of the main
 reasons that no amount of computer analysis will solve the VMS. It
 suffers from too many human choices to allow this to happen.
 > Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

Actually the answer may be more Angelic than "evil in his method." 
The Time is NOW, and "some" won't see it. The ~shifting/rotating~ of 
the key was indeed at the scribes whim (if you follow the folding of 
the key(s)... but IT REMAINS CONSTANT in itself throughout.)
steve (just a human) ekwall :-)

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