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VMs: Re: Variant EVA y

Hi John

If you consistently see these open y forms then I would definately
say they are meant. If you look at EVA r then some forms are like
a clockwise tilted arabic 2 others are like an anti-clockwise tilted
capital J.

This EVA r difference does persist across pages so if I were you
I would keep an eye open for your variant y's. The author has many
such tricks up his sleeve.

One last thought. The more experienced eyes that have rejected
this are probably snow blind. Too much white noise for them to
cope with. :-)


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Subject: VMs: Variant EVA y

> In p. 13r, in the last words (line f13r.P.10;H) kchy okorory, the y's
> looks to me like an i plus a "y-flourish" as opposed to the classic y,
> which seems to be an e (or c) plus a "y-flourish."  I admit that it might
> be difficult to distinguish the two possibilities regularly, certainly so
> if it were my handwriting.  Just looking at the rest of this one page, for
> example, and using y' for this possible alternate y:
> f13r.P.2;H
> dol shkchy' (I'd say one word) (a somewhat intermediate case)
> y'kchy
> y' (another intermediate case)
> f13r.P.3;H
> y' (again intermediate)
> y'kor
> y'tshy y'kchy
> f13r.P.4;H
> qodchy'
> y'tchy
> f13r.P.5;H
> dpchy' qopchy'
> cfhol dy'
> f13r.P.7;H
> d oldy'okchor (I'd have said d oldy okchor or doldy okchor))
> f13r.P.8;H
> shochy'
> f13r.P.9;H
> oldy'
> daldy'
> I'm not sure I'm really seeing anything here, and plainly more experienced
> eyes have rejected this possibility over much larger samples.  If there is
> a difference it seems to turn on whether there is a distinct gap across
> the bottom, and/or on whether the stroke on the left seems straight or
> straight with a small right-hooking serif at the bottom as opposed to
> there being no gap, or a more curving (and of course right-hooking) stroke
> on the left.
> John E. Koontz
> http://spot.colorado.edu/~koontz

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