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Re: VMs: Re: Variant EVA y

On Sun, 15 May 2005, JH wrote:
> If you consistently see these open y forms then I would definately
> say they are meant.

Well, to take another page at random, f113v:







I suppose I could claim that I see the alternates consistently.  What I
can't quite convince myself is that I'm seeing a consistent alternation,
as opposed to a range of variation for a single form.

> If you look at EVA r then some forms are like a clockwise tilted arabic
> 2 others are like an anti-clockwise tilted capital J.

Could you cite some examples?  You don't refer to r vs. s, right?
I do see some variation in where the "r-flourish" is attached.  Sometimes
it's at the top of the i-stroke, and sometimes it's as if the pen came up
almost along the i-stroke and then veered out from the middle of the i,
e.g., in f113v:


poraiin otar' ar (whre r' is the latted treatment)

Again, it's a qustion of how much attention you want to apply to the
variations.  My suspicion is that this question will always dog us a long
as we are not sure of the basis of the system.

For example, suppose that there are actually two y's, one based on i and
one based on e, both using the same "downhook left from top" y-flourish.
This is like the r vs. s distinction, where the contrast is between i and
e with an "uphook left from top" r-flourish (or s-flourish).  If there's
something in this I ought perhaps to be able to see two l's, one i-based
and one e-based, both using a "downhook left and across from top"
l-flourish.  I'd have to say I don't, though there is some range of
variation in the form of l's.

Incidentally, I should say that I wasn't looking for two y's.  It just
sort of popped out at me.  Actually, I've been assuming that l and y are a
pair, l being i+down across and y being e+downacross.

I suppose the more closed y's could be an a followed by a flourish.

> One last thought. The more experienced eyes that have rejected this are
> probably snow blind. Too much white noise for them to cope with. :-)

Or maybe they've seen so many variants they've acquired some instincts
about what to ignore.  So far, impossible to say.

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