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Re: VMs: OT: From a German Manga...

--- Elmar Vogt <elvogt@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> http://www.beamends.de/hidden/cartoon.jpg (ca. 300k)
> This is from the German magazine Blotch
> (www.blotch.de) in which I 
> participate. We needed a language for the monsters
> to speak in... ;-)

Nice :-)
You didn't manage to convince the editors to
actually use the Voynich script? 

In any case, better keep a copy of this issue.
Perhaps, in a couple of years we will actually
know what the monster said.

Would be a bit embarrassing if it were something
like: "I pray to the virgin, amen", or:
"I give you the elixir of life" or and gets
brutally slaughtered for it :-)

Cheers, Rene

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