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On 5/30/05 9:52 PM, "steve ekwall" <ekwall2@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> -=se=-> (per ES!) The vms _IS FOR "EVERYONE"_!!! ESPECIALLY *WOMAN* !!!
> best to you & yours :-)
> <-=se=-
> steve (no need to take ~monies~ from IT!) ekwall
> p.s. which ~might explain~ some of the 'dick-heads' on this list :-0

Sorry, Steve, I guess I find the meaning of this message somewhat more
opaque than your usual offerings...

I was under the impression that Gabriel had made clear that his EVA font was
available for non-commercial use, but that it was not to be modified or used
in commercial enterprises without his written permission.

Perhaps I am in error, but as one who has made fonts himself and seen them
taken without permission and used commercially, I thought it worth noting
that Ms Papke and her colleagues are apparently doing precisely that.

Best to you,


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