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Re: VMs: Re: More mosses


Citát Dana Scott <dscott520@xxxxxxx>:

> Hello Stefan,
> You might wish to explain why you consider mosses as being related to the
> VMs, giving examples of specimens and relating them to plants in the VMs.

Sure. Why i think it is related to VMs? The plants in the script reminds me
mosses. I'll try to compare the drawings to some photographs when I will get
more time. I have posted that to the list so others can try to look at it too.
Perhaps someone would be faster than me and will say either:
- "look, this plant on that drawing is this kind of moss"
or will say:
- "hm, i have not found any match at this time, so perhaps this moss idea is not
good and we should leave it for future reexamination ... later".



p.s.: I have an impression that most participants on this list think that the
VMs should be something "high-level". What if it is about some ordinary
knowledge? What if the pictures do not have so "divine" meaning and have only 
simple abstract representations of the discussed ordinary knowledge?

> Thank you,
> Dana Scott
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>   Hi,
>   I still can not get out mosses from my mind :)
>   I have found this page: 
>   What do you think about the idea of mosses in the VMS?
>   Stefan
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