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VMs: What about medical folklore in "Farther India"?

Okeey, it looks like a "Doctorman's Book",
handling probably some kind of medical tradition.
Could this tradition be found between Tibet and Indochine?

But how much do we know about traditional medicine in Indochina?
Well, at least I do not know much ... par example, what could be this

> > unknown XIXth century Tibetan medical manuscript:
> http://acala.com/gallery/images/ms/1360c.jpg
> > the picture at left:
> > outer ring has 16 divisions
> > next ring has 12 divisions, some of these larger
> > central flower has 6 petals
> > 
> http://highway55.library.yale.edu/VOYNICHIMG/size4/D0019/1006198.jpg
> > outer ring has 16 divisions
> > next one 12, but the "icons" are missing
> > central "?flower?" has 6 parts, the triangle is missing

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