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Re: VMs: MS408 Character Development

On Friday 01 July 2005 10:11, Maurizio M. Gavioli wrote:
> There is one important distinction to make: _littera rotunda_ is a
> formalized style (with its own sub-styles: _littera bononiensis_, _littera
> Sancti Petri_, ...), to be written carefully, often used for important
> mss., etc. etc.; in practice, it is the *outcome* of a process (or a dead
> end, if you want) rather than a step.

Hi Maurizio,
I found this thread quite interesting. Once, informally talking with Judith 
Field, she mentioned that the abandonment of Humanist hand did not take place 
at the same time everywhere and therefore the dating based on "changes of 
hand" should have a larger range than suggested before, depending where it 
may have been written (here in the list and also in D'Imperio, if I recall 

I am sure you are familiar with Cappelli's dictionary of abbreviations and the 
fact that some vms characters *seem* to be exactly that.
Despite that some of these abbreviations are more or less systematically in 
the right place within a word (like eva-y , eva-c and so on) trying to create 
substitutions to rebuild words has not yielded to any sensible breakthrough.

Do you have any comments about these Latin/Italian abbreviations and the 
similarity to quite a few vms characters?


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