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VMs: Suggestions, "beginner's introduction", please


I want to introduce our VMS to a couple of friends (or should I say,
perhaps, "to infect a couple of friends with the VMS"?) but since my
recent illness I am not up to writing my own introduction as I would
have wished.

May I please ask the group for suggestions as to the top five or so
internet sites best suited to a complete beginner? René's very excellent
contribution certainly springs to mind at once, but I would appreciate
suggestions. My target is the intelligent reader with a lively and open
mind but who, for some unaccountable reason, has never heard of the VMS.





Docteur Fausse-terre
Huée ne tout glossateur
(Enna, Chaouïa, Varennes).
Y se tait, petit n'a pas d'elle,
Raille tape, touille smille dol.
"Ah, neveux, houez ne terre Reggane."
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