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Re: VMs: Suggestions, "beginner's introduction", please

Hello Anthony,

> May I please ask the group for suggestions as to the top five or so
> internet sites best suited to a complete beginner? René's very excellent
> contribution certainly springs to mind at once, but I would appreciate
> suggestions. My target is the intelligent reader with a lively and open
> mind but who, for some unaccountable reason, has never heard of the VMS.

René's site is the best introduction in english language I'd ever seen,
and many months ago, it was my introduction. 

I wrote my own "short" introduction in german language, just to explain
some of my friends about the stuff I spend so much time with. My text is
published in the internet under the URL


but it is a german text, which is probably not helpful...

Have fun with the strangest book ever written!


Das Schwerdtfeger-Logbuch des alltäglichen Wahnsinns

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