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Re: VMs: MS408 Character Development


Many thanks for the interesting reply.

On Monday 04 July 2005 12:31, Maurizio M. Gavioli wrote:
> On one hand, we may safely assume that the VM script author was familiar
> with the Latin abbreviation system (as he was familiar with the _littera
> moderna_ stroke assimilation system).

> On the other hand, many of those abbreviation-like signs, like for instance
> EVA 'g' or EVA 'm' (but also 'r', 's' or 'u'), are very obvious 'pen turns'  
> which may come quite spontaneously to anybody with the penmanship of a late  
> Middle Age scholar. This might mean that those signs do not have the same  
> meaning (or at least a similar function) they had in the 'normal writing',  
> but that they are simply common, or well-practiced, graphic material  
> borrowed into the script, like many 'full characters' of the script. 

I keep thinking that there is that there is too low entropy for an abbreviated 
script in which each word is a character or an abbreviation (let alone a 
"word" per character!).
At some time I liked the idea that the vms was perhaps not complicatedly 
encoded and (at least some 'characters') could be position-dependent 
abbreviations (y-initial not the same as y-final, so the low entropy could 
not be as low as thought), but of course nothing can be read yet.


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