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Re: VMs: Visiting the Beinecke (was Mishandling the VMs)

Two activities that come to mind are

2) to look also at the 14 boxes of additional material at Beinecke. They are not fully described in the catalog, they are consistently neglected for the more flashy VMs., and there seems to be interesting material available. I was once for a full day at Beinecke and could only look in detail at two boxes. At that time I considered I would need one full week (Monday to Friday, weekends closed) to map what was available, record what looked promising, and perhaps explore a couple of items in detail.

I agree. Now that the ms has been scanned, these boxes should be the priority for anyone visiting the Beinecke. The contents might well clear up many minor mysteries about the acquisition of the manuscript, the missing pages and how much Voynich knew about its provenance.

Philip Neal

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