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Re: VMs: Mishandling the VMs

Two activities that come to mind are

1) to have a look at the Grolier Club in NY, and its "4.5 linear ft." of Wilfred & Ethel 1916-1948 papers, including correspondence with Newbold. There is a short description of the material in their online catalog (reproduced below).

2) to look also at the 14 boxes of additional material at Beinecke. They are not fully described in the catalog, they are consistently neglected for the more flashy VMs., and there seems to be interesting material available. I was once for a full day at Beinecke and could only look in detail at two boxes. At that time I considered I would need one full week (Monday to Friday, weekends closed) to map what was available, record what looked promising, and perhaps explore a couple of items in detail.

If you think you'll need to have access to the Internet, please consult with somebody at Beinecke. Yale allows access only to faculty, students and staff (at least that's what the brochure "Wireless Networking in the Yale University Library" says, which I picked up from Yale last week). Thus, if you want to elucidate any topic, you might have either to leave it for later or go to the larger Yale libraries (Sterling Memorial and others) and this will take time. This will also mean that you won't be able to keep us informed of your research in real-time :-)



Claudio Antonini

At the Grolier Club:
"Business records (1916-1934) of Voynich's New York shop, including account books, invoices and vouchers. Also correspondence between Anne M. Nill, manager of the New York shop, and Herbert Garland, manager of the London shop. Also, records of books and manuscripts bought and sold by Voynich and a small group of letters he wrote in Russian about 1891 which may concern his involvement with the Society of the Friends of Russian Freedom. Collection includes some research files of Anne M. Nill and her correspondence, including that with Myrtle Crummer, wife of an important Voynich client. Also, correspondence from William Romaine Newbold (1919-1928) regarding Baconian parallels in cipher manuscript. Also, original manuscript, revised drafts, and galleys for Put off thy shoes, a novel by Ethel L. Voynich published in 1945 with editorial assistance from Nill. Her research files contain material on the index she created for Seymour De Ricci's Census of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts in the U. S. and Canada (1935-1940), as well as correspondence from Bell da Costa Greene of the Pierpont Morgan Library."

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Hi Dana,

At 17:43 29/06/2005 -0600, Dana Scott wrote:
I plan to cover all requests from the list that I can during my trip to the East coast from August 23 to September 10 (flight is already booked and paid for). My sole purpose for this trip is to do what leg work I can relating to the VMs. Please let me know if there are any special requests.

Well, there is one thing... For some time I've been planning the details of a particular examination sequence to be carried out on the VMs. If you're interested, none of it is particularly taxing, but I guess it should take about two days to run through, and (with luck) should open out a whole new angle on the early life of the VMs - but I'll email you off-list about it.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: my wife insists that I should fly out too - perhaps I'll be persuaded! :-)

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