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Re: VMs: RE: crenelations

Actually, as I recall, the VMs castle has both Ghibelline and Guelph crenelations which does occur in certain castles.  It may help to narrow down the search; however, we should probably keep in mind that the VMs castle may be a fantasy castle, conjured up by the scribe of the VMs.
Dana Scott
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John Grove wrote:
> The dove-tail battlements are certainly a unique identifiable feature that
> helps place the manuscript in the neighbourhood of northern Italy. Is there
> any chance that there is a plaza or bridge that would meet the rough outline
> of the rather unique one attached to the top left rosette that would further
> aid in providing a locale?
> http://www.morewood.net/voynich/bridge.jpg
> John.

It is new to me that these are called ghibelline battlements (Ghibelline
vs. Guelph). There are other pictures to be found on the Web. An
inventory might be worth while for future reference. First use would be
a probable early limit to the drawing. I say "probable" because it is an
obvious improvement that could occur to an artist and "first use" might
not be recorded correctly. I'll say very probable.

There was a square, not round, tower at the side, not center, of a
bridge in Florence in a painting (c.1490). The painting shows other
bridges and one under construction. One of these may be the one bridge
that survived WW2.  One has a gatehouse at either end. The one with the
tower supported two large buildings and another had three smaller
buildings. Looking at the other rosette connectors some might be
causeways, castle or city fortified entrances, mountain passes, symbolic
whatever, or prominent scenery, undoubtedly discussed in the past. If
this were the only part of the VMS to survive it would still be a good
mystery. In another painting, there are many tall smokestacks but they
are fluted. I do not think the straight tubes in the VMS represent
smokestacks. Or volcanic stems.


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