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RE: VMs: RE: crenelations

--- John Grove <John@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>     Hmmm.. I'll have to look closer, but as I recall
> they are only
> Ghibelline. Also, I've noticed with the wonderful
> sid files that some of the
> nearby buildings with roofs have ghibelline
> crenelations right under the
> roof - just like a lot of the older towers still
> around Northern Italy
> (according to numerous web sites since I've never
> left the continent).
>     I've also noted that the upper left rosette's
> walkway is rather unique
> with the semi-circle defence on one-side... Rene
> mentioned a piazza that
> might match, 

Yes, but it is anachronistic. I'll look for a
picture of it.

>  As for the castle being fantasy... well, if
> the artist was dreaming
> up a castle - he certainly was influenced by
> something he was familiar with.


>     The Guelph/Ghibelline conflict is quite old... 

I'm not sure in which particular way the names of
the crenellations relate to the two 'clans'. 
The ghibelline crenellations did in any case 
already exist well before 1460.

> Of course, many of those castles
> survive to today - but many more were destroyed or
> renovated.

And to make it even more challenging: during
renovations, the crenellations may have changed
from one type to the other.

It is entirely possible that the author had in
mind to refer to a specific castle, but just drew 
it in a style he was familiar with, which would
not have to be the same as the actual castle...

Cheers, Rene 

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