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RE: VMs: RE: crenelations

Hi John,

You write:
> The
> only wall I found with that particular semi-circle was in southern
> Czech republic. I think the town was Prachatice or something close 
> that spelling. The photo I saw was in a pdf file and unfortunately
> this old machine can't seem to access the page again.

Do you mean this (semicircle tower in the right column, 7th from 

Prachatice is an ald town lying on the "Golden road" (Goldene Steig) 
from Pasau to Prague, that was used to transport (not only) salt to 

The text about the fortification in Prachatice says:

The town's fortification's two main gates with palisade were built at 
the end of the 14th c. 
Only at the first half of the 15th c. the first belt of stone walls 
was built, the outer walls with the cylinder-like bastions was built 
in the first half of the 16th century. 



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