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RE: VMs: Henri Auguste Omont

Hi Dana

Omont was interested in Latin abbreviations,
especially a 1534 dictionary published in Brescia:

"Dictionnaire d'abréviations latines publié à Brescia
en 1534, par Henri Omont"



--- Dana Scott <dscott520@xxxxxxx> a écrit :

> Henri Auguste Omont, Paris Bibliothèque Nationale
> paleographer, was given an early opportunity to
> examine the VMs following its discovery by Wilfrid
> Voynich.  Among Omont's personal documents was found
> a one page vellum folio concerning Anglo-Saxon
> medicine (omontb, column 2, page 3-6 down).  There
> are certain flourishes, swirls of the scribe's
> quill, which I find of interest.  What caught my eye
> was their similarity to the elaborate initial
> gallows glyph seen in VMs f42v.  Wishful thinking
> perhaps, but I wonder if Omont's 'fragment' may have
> corresponded to his examination of the VMs?       
> The Omont Fragment:
> Omont Fragment: 
> f42v:
> Omont Collection at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven:
> Regards,
> Dana Scott


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