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Re: VMs: VMS Lookalike encipherment

Elias Schwerdtfeger wrote [extracts]:

I wrote a little Python script to apply your method - as far as I understand it - to some amount of text. From my german plaintext

I must be missing something.

If os --> L
& s ----> B
The CT can be read
os ---> L
but not
os ---> PB
because there is no delimited PB in the plaintext as alphabetized

If o --> P
&  r --> S
& or --> R
The CT can be read either of two ways:
or ---> R
or ---> PS

and if
o ----> D
o ----> P
sh ---> D
sh ---> N
y ----> C
y ----> T
Then how distinguish between plaintext D & P, D & N, C & T to reverse the encipherment if such was intended?

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