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Re: VMs: VMS Lookalike encipherment

Nick Pelling Wrote

> Hi Jeff,
> At 18:33 10/07/2005 +0100, Jeff Haley wrote:
> >Just in case this hasn't been posted before here is a link
> >to my latest work on a VMS type encipherment. I hope it
> >is self explanatory.
> >
> >http://www.georgeboolefanclub.com/VMSVerboseCipher.html
> Interesting, though I don't believe EVA <e> occurs word-initially as often
> as in your generated text:-
>          osaiin.koin.sor.ekaiin.chol.she.okair.chor.dal.ekey

I know about this problem and I am looking to resolve it satisfactorily.

> Also, I'm far from comfortable with seeing so many instances of <os> in
> your generated text (especially as compared with <or>). Similarly, I think
> we see far more <am>s than <om>s in the VMs: and <p> characters are
> scarcer than in your text (especially outside the last third of each
> initial line, ie the "Neal key" area). And <sek> seems non-Voynichese,
too. :-o

Well there are various points where I have seen how the groupings I have
assumed breakdown into smaller clusters when examining the VMS text.
Also paragraphs starting with f gallows are not evenly distributed within
the VMS. This new attempt came about through examining only pages
that had paragraphs beginning with EVA f. The f paragraphs appear often
up until f47r. They do not reappear until until f100r. I have seen
that is consistent within the f paragraphs that is different to paragraphs
starting with any other gallows. This could explain the intermingled nature
of languages A & B in some parts of the VMS and why language B? seems
more dominant elsewhere.

> But it's all still definitely food for thought, keep going! :-)
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....
> PS: thanks for the name-check on the page! :-)

Well it's only fair as you yourself have proposed something similar in


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