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Re: VMs: basic Rohonczi speculations

I think: maybe a lectionary by a minister converted to Christianity, who might not have been very knowledgeable about the subject. The long straight lines remind me a little of Aramaic but I have no idea how that could be a factor. ??????? A transcription will be slow work. Maybe it will lead to a key like that used in the deciphering of the Caucasian Albanian palimpsets that came back to life in a fire in the Sinai. A good story if you have not read it.


mesinik@xxxxxx wrote:
basic Rohonczi speculations

the first question, could it be written in some Hungarian dialect or any
language from Balkan? If so, were it dunno long ago?

So, should we look elsewhere? Is the first target "in (or around of) Ottoman
It's pretty large, isn't it?

Well, when looking for writers from right to left, for me the first pretendent
is "turcic runes" (they did not care much, which direction to write these), but
there could be others of course.

If checking the Ottoman hemisphere for Rohonczi, so because of the heavy
Christian presence, we should prefere the northern parts ... but not just that
simple, some microcosmos could exist almost anywhere.

Par example, a wild speculation: could it be connected to religious map of
northeastern African (like Coptic, Ethiopian, probably smaller cultures exist)?
Crosses, crescents, strange sunrings, swastikas or galaxies ... who knows ...

Well, the Rohonczi could be crypto of course, too or having no meaning at all,
blablabla. It even looks more like that kind of stuff, than VMS, the Doctorman's
book. But the plaintext version is attractive, too.

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