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RE: VMs: RE: VMS Lookalike encipherment

>> 2.  Nulls have no phonological properties.  If they are randomly larded
>> throughout a text, especially in high frequency, then the frequency
>> distributions of the letters that appear before and after them should be
>> more or less similar to the overall frequency distribution of those
>> in the text as a whole.
>Elegant. Will it hold with Jeff's nulls that are not entirely random?

I thought about this, but if the nulls aren't entirely random, then they
aren't entirely null.  If we're already talking about digraphs and
trigraphs, then adding in a null that can only appear in the context of
certain letters is equivalent to adding additional symbols to the table.

For example, if Q is null, but it can only appear before O, then effectively
QO = O.  The Q isn't actually empty of meaning, it can be seen as part of
another symbol in the table.

I'll post more later, including my program to identify nulls.


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