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Re: VMs: fake letters

Hi KM,

At 12:01 13/07/2005 -0500, Knox Mix wrote:
<qol> for a demo was not the best choice but to race a slow horse we do not know a letter (<l> for example) is free-standing in all positions or in any position adjacent another letter or across a space from another letter.

Actually, I picked my <qol> horse quite carefully. If you look at Herbal A pages, you only typically see <l> in <ol> pairs and <q> in <qo> pairs (IIRC) - but in the balneological section, whereas <q> is still in <qo> pairs, <l> occurs elsewhere too. What I find persuasive is that the overwhelming majority of <qol> instances occur on pages where <l> occurs several times elsewhere *not in <ol> pairs*.

It should be a good exercise to examine the (particularly simple) statistics behind this claim - I drew my conclusion (that where <qol> occurs, it's <qo> + <l>, and so not a contraction of <qo> + <ol>) a long time ago, hopefully this explanation should make it clear why I believe it to be so.

>ie, that <cho> can never be followed by <ol> in the underlying language.

We have not read all the possible literature but it would seem so if there is an underlying language.

Really, I'm using the word "language" in a loose sense here: rather, that the micro-structure of the order of the underlying text seems consistent with a yet-to-be determined rule-based grammar of sorts, whether further enciphered or not. Essentially, there seems to be structure beneath the (fake alphabet) surface...

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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