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VMs: VMs Wiki pages


Are there any VMs wiki pages (in other words "our small wikipedia-like pages for
VMs") where it would be possible to collect and connect puzzle pieces together?
For example, people would be able to add their theories and cross-link them
with relevant pages, or one can index various graphics ... while others can
refine the theories and ideas. I mean, one collaborative place can help

There are so many ideas out there. Also people come and go to the vms list and
only thing that they leave are messages that are remembered only by "old
members"... Wiki can help to catch the knowledge that would be useful not only
for newcomers but also for others.

If there is no such wiki, does anyone have a place where it can be set up?
Mediawiki is quite usable:


It has simple requirements (apache & php & mysql) and is very easy to install.

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