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Re: VMs: VMs Wiki pages

Hi Stefan,

At 14:48 18/07/2005 +0200, Stefan Urbanek wrote:
Are there any VMs wiki pages (in other words "our small wikipedia-like pages for
VMs") where it would be possible to collect and connect puzzle pieces together?
For example, people would be able to add their theories and cross-link them
with relevant pages, or one can index various graphics ... while others can
refine the theories and ideas. I mean, one collaborative place can help

I set a basic VMs wikibook in motion a while ago, though it would be false to claim that it is moving much now (except in a strong wind, perhaps). Here's a link to the skeleton:-

My original plan was to page-strip the notes out of the interlinear file & dump them into individual pages as stubs: then, to devise a cunning way of automagically linking mailing list threads (both in the archive, and as they get posted) to the VMs wikipages to which they refer: and finally, to begin the long slow process of editing pages into some semblance of order, probably as topics came up. But I never really got started on that journey of a thousand miles. :-(

I suppose you can file all this under [P], in the notably capacious "Planting trees you never expect to sit beneath" folder: but it did seem to be sensible when I started, honest it did. :-)

As with all things VMs, feel free to make of it what you will... :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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