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RE: VMs: Hi from another newbie

> what's wrong with the dee-kelly hypothesis?

I don't think there's anything wrong with the Dee-Kelly hypothesis, except
that I'm not sure there's any hard evidence.  You've got some suspicious
characters hanging around the right parts of Europe in the right century or
so, who are known to have tried something somewhat similar before.

Personally, however, I don't believe Dee and Kelly would have invented a
script like Voynichese.  If you look at their Enochian script (for writing
the Angelic or Enochian Language) you'll see the letters are blocky, like
Hebrew (or maybe runes).  In fact, a lot of European mystical alphabets look
like they were inspired by Hebrew, I assume because of the belief that
Hebrew was the language of Adam and the angels (and perhaps of God).
They're also pretty labor-intensive to write, whereas Voynichese is
efficient and relatively simple.  To my amateur eye, the Voynichese script
doesn't fit Dee and Kelly's style.

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