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Re: VMs: VMs Wiki pages

The very first bit of information I ever found on the
Web for Voynich a while back was this wikipedia site:


(And then Rene's and on and on...) The site is (or was
- haven't read it lately) quite good as an intro,
IMHO. Looking at the history, it was started in March
2002 by Pierre Abbat and then some heavy updating by
Stolfi. Following that for the last couple of years is
a long list of people I have never seen contributing
on this list (or maybe they have been, but use
different screen names...).

In other news, I have lost a long and laborious battle
attempting to devise algorithms using Minimum
Description Length objective functions to determine
word boundaries and then further syllabic and then
letter boundaries. Sigh. Oh well - other ideas are


--- Nick Pelling <nickpelling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Stefan,
> At 14:48 18/07/2005 +0200, Stefan Urbanek wrote:
> >Are there any VMs wiki pages (in other words "our
> small wikipedia-like 
> >pages for
> >VMs") where it would be possible to collect and
> connect puzzle pieces 
> >together?
> >For example, people would be able to add their
> theories and cross-link them
> >with relevant pages, or one can index various
> graphics ... while others can
> >refine the theories and ideas. I mean, one
> collaborative place can help
> >solvers.
> I set a basic VMs wikibook in motion a while ago,
> though it would be false 
> to claim that it is moving much now (except in a
> strong wind, perhaps). 
> Here's a link to the skeleton:-
> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/The_Voynich_Manuscript
> My original plan was to page-strip the notes out of
> the interlinear file & 
> dump them into individual pages as stubs: then, to
> devise a cunning way of 
> automagically linking mailing list threads (both in
> the archive, and as 
> they get posted) to the VMs wikipages to which they
> refer: and finally, to 
> begin the long slow process of editing pages into
> some semblance of order, 
> probably as topics came up. But I never really got
> started on that journey 
> of a thousand miles. :-(
> I suppose you can file all this under [P], in the
> notably capacious 
> "Planting trees you never expect to sit beneath"
> folder: but it did seem to 
> be sensible when I started, honest it did. :-)
> As with all things VMs, feel free to make of it what
> you will... :-o
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling..... 
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