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VMs: Phaistos Disk connection

One other interesting line that crops up following the Goth/Dacian line, is
that the first Dacian Zamalxis was apparently a slave/servant of Pythagoros.
This presents a chain to a dualistic Manichaen like philosophy which I think
is depicted in some of the VMS pages showing the nymph/samisdivas with the
body parts/organs and perhaps depicting hot and cold humors, opening and
closing of veins, etc.  There appears to be a hot bed of waves of this
dualistic ayurvedic like philosophy bouncing around in eastern Europe at
about the 0 A.D. line, some of which survived into more modern Bulgaria,
then travelled east into France as practiced by the Cathars (regarded as
Bogomils or closely related).  While I don't think the VMS is a cathar
liturgical manuscript, perhaps the late Dr. felt the underlying philosophy
in the wisdom book that was in fact an origin of catharism?  There is a
legendary "Lost Book of the Bogomils," and perhaps a Dacian wisdom book of
Dicinius is that volume and the VMS is it....?


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