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Re: VMs: Hi from another newbie

Hi Paul,

At 11:33 18/07/2005 +0100, Paul Ingerson wrote:
b)  The plumbing in the manuscript's biological section is popularly
believed to represent bodily organs and vessels, right?  But the
liquid (blood?) is green not red.  And the botanical section has a
picture of what looks like a red capsicum, but the fruit is green, not
red.  So... [SNIP]

There are many good reasons to suspect that most (but not quite all) of the painting was done by a later owner, rather than the original author(s). Further, most (if not all) of this overpainting seems to have been done for prettification, rather than for edification. As with most VMs evidence, caveat emptor! :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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