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VMs: Hi from another newbie

Hi, I'm another newbie.  In fact I'm not only new to the list, but
also to the whole Voynich mystery.  I'm looking forward to learning
more about it by lurking here.

But first, here are a couple of awkward questions that every newbie
probably asks:

a)  Where's the best place I download a good copy of the manuscript? 
Most sites just seem to have only a few pages, not the whole thing. 
And where can I download the EVA font?  The links on the Voynich sites
all seem to be dead, and a Google search for "EVA font" brings up
loads of Evangelion fonts but not much else!

b)  The plumbing in the manuscript's biological section is popularly
believed to represent bodily organs and vessels, right?  But the
liquid (blood?) is green not red.  And the botanical section has a
picture of what looks like a red capsicum, but the fruit is green, not
red.  So... How many of the usual suspects for writing the manuscript
(Bacon, Dee, Kelley, etc.) were colour-blind?  If we can eliminate all
the ones with good colour vision, could that bring us closer to
finding the real author?

Sorry if you're all sick and tired of answering these questions for
every newbie.  I promise I'll keep nice and quiet from now on.
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