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Re: VMs: Hi from another newbie

Welcome, Paul!

a) Where's the best place I download a good copy of the manuscript?


The mirror site doesn't work. You have to use the Beinecke site. It has the whole thing. You can use the text list on the site above with a download manager to easily download the whole thing. The text list needs to be updated but it should get you most of it.

And where can I download the EVA font?

http://www.geocities.com/ctesibos/francais/voynich/outils.htm "La Police Voynich"

b) The plumbing in the manuscript's biological section is popularly
believed to represent bodily organs and vessels, right?

No. No one knows what it is. A few of the biological pages do look like internal organs but the rest of them don't. We really don't know what we are looking at. In a lot of the drawings it could just be water.

And the botanical section has a
picture of what looks like a red capsicum, but the fruit is green, not

That it is capsicum was just Brumbaugh's idea and no one believes it anymore.

So... How many of the usual suspects for writing the manuscript
(Bacon, Dee, Kelley, etc.) were colour-blind?

No one in a long time has believed that Bacon had anything to do with the VMs. And now we don't believe that Dee and Kelly had anything to do with it either.

A lot of what one hears about the VMs is from old ideas that are now discredited. It just remains as a sort of folklore, unfortunately. :-)

The recommendations to Smári McCarthy are good.


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