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RE: VMs: A couple of questions.

From: "Smári P. McCarthy" <spm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

  I'm pretty new to the VMS, but I've been monitoring the list for a
while and reading this, that and everything else.

FYI, in case anybody cares or thinks it might help, I'm fluent in
English and Icelandic and have moderate abilities in Dutch and Danish.
I'm pretty familiar with a dozen or so other languages. I'm a
mathematics major and comparitive linguistics minor, with an entire
youth of programming experiance. At any rate, I'd appreciate a bit of
guidance into this world, for it is intriguing and fun. :-)

Hello Smari.

It sounds as if you have the knowledge of languages, linguistics and
programming to make a serious contribution to the Voynich puzzle.
Welcome to the list and please stay with us.

It is my personal opinion that if the Voynich manuscript was written in
a natural language lightly disguised, e.g. Hungarian written in an
unknown alphabet, it would have been deciphered by now. The
manuscript has now been studied by many people who know many
languages and understand principles like frequency counts and Zipf's law.
My advice to you is to search through the megabytes of the list archive,


looking for names like Landini, Zandbergen, Jacques Guy, Reeds, Gillogly,
and also Stolfi. Search for terms like Voynichese, EVA, Frogguy, nomenclator
and constructed language. Amid the information glut and general noise
there are a lot of serious suggestions and - so far - negative results.

Philip Neal

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