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Re: VMs: Hi from another newbie

On 7/19/05, Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>         Welcome, Paul!
> > And where can I download the EVA font?
> http://www.geocities.com/ctesibos/francais/voynich/outils.htm
> "La Police Voynich"

Thanks,Dennis.  (If only I'd thought of doing a Google search in French!)

> > b)  The plumbing in the manuscript's biological section is popularly
> > believed to represent bodily organs and vessels, right?
>         No.  No one knows what it is.

That's why I said "popularly believed" rather than "known".  I'm
choosing my words very carefully here.

>  A few of the biological
> pages do look like internal organs but the rest of them
> don't.  We really don't know what we are looking at.  In a
> lot of the drawings it could just be water.

Yeah.  Actually a lot of them just look like the large doodles I
always end up doing in any spare space on any paper I've writen on! 
But that's probably not what you want to hear...

> > So... How many of the usual suspects for writing the manuscript
> > (Bacon, Dee, Kelley, etc.) were colour-blind?
>         No one in a long time has believed that Bacon had anything
> to do with the VMs.  And now we don't believe that Dee and
> Kelly had anything to do with it either.

Yes, I agree they probably didn't write it.  And this idea might offer
definite proof that they didn't have anything to do with it.  e.g. If
Bacon's writings on optics contain a detailed description of the
spectrum proving he wasn't colour-blind, then we'd _finally_ have
definite, undeniable proof that it couldn't've been him, instead of
just relying on our gut instincts that is was probably someone else..

The drawback is that this idea can't work the other way round, to
prove that some other unknown author wrote the VMS, since we can never
know if an unknown author was colour-blind or not.  But we can at
least try to eliminate all the usual suspects, and once you've
eliminated the impossible, then whatever remins...

You see, I may be new to Voynichology, but I was _trying_ to think my
idea through before posting.  At least give me that much credit.  Of
course, it really all depends on knowing how accurate the colours are
in all the other pictures.  And since most VMS pages online seem to be
B&W, that does put a big nasty problem in the way.  Oh well...
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