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VMs: dacian gothic script is NOT blackletter gothic script

I have received one direct email regarding the gothic alphabet that raised a
misunderstanding about the gothic script the Dacians would have used.  The
misunderstanding was such that folks on the main list might benefit.  The
exchange raised again the lensing effect of more recent historical
precedents with regard to the use of Gothic as a descriptor.

First, our modern conception of gothic script is what is also known
sometimes as blackletter script.  This is NOT the script of the
goths/Getae/Dacians and the two uses of Gothic are not synonymous!  The
earliest gothic alphabet is often attributed to evangelizing bishop Ulfias
(aka Wulfia) and is nothing like Blackletter gothic!  However, this is still
MUCH Later, more than 800 years later, than any writings that would have
formed the belagines and there is current dispute whether Wulfia originated
the alphabet or used existing goth writing mixed with Greek letters.  So if
you choose to go down this road, please keep this in mind and do your own
careful background research!  Nonetheless, you might note some interesting
things such as the cursive "l" form, or rounded topped "x" in the VMS being
a dead ringer for the true Gothic "o" form of the Wulfian era Gothic.

Unfortunately, again, although we know there was a pre-existing script from
historical references thereto, the very earliest gothic writing samples I
have been able to uncover are post the defeat of the actual
Getae/Goth/Dacians, and date to the 6th Century A.D. and are of Biblical
subject matter...  An image of fragments from Codex Ambrosianus would show
what this late post Getae Gothic writing in ONE instance appeared as...  How
the pre-Wulfia Getae/Dacian/Gothic writing (which we know existed) actually
looked remains absolutely lost in history as near I can tell.  Nonetheless,
the much later Gothic samples might give others clues such that they too
might temporarily widen their historical range for the VMS....

As for a Dacian/Goth grammar, modern research is pretty slim, perhaps
limited to the Braune/Ebbinghaus "Gotische Grammatik" (1981) which again
deals with a potential Runic connection, but not reaching the issue of the
Getae/Goth/Dacians of Dicineus.  If I am not mistaken though, I believe the
very earliest known grammar of any kind is a Greek grammar produced by a
Thracian.  For a Greek scholar it might provide clues...

 The very best language items that might link to the Dacian Gothic uncovered
here thus far, remais the herbs cross-identified by Dioscorides.
Interestingly, while there have been several mentions on this list of later
versions of the Ars Medica, sometimes poorly reproduced/published in the
middle ages, the earliest version was of Dioscorides and it remained the
definitive work for a thousand years...


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