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VMs: Re: dacian gothic script is NOT blackletter gothic script

Wayne Durden wrote 22 July 2005


>  The very best language items that might link to the Dacian Gothic
> here thus far, remais the herbs cross-identified by Dioscorides.
> Interestingly, while there have been several mentions on this list of
> versions of the Ars Medica, sometimes poorly reproduced/published in the
> middle ages, the earliest version was of Dioscorides and it remained the
> definitive work for a thousand years...

Hi Wayne

I believe that the work you are doing on the script is quite interesting. I
forward to reading any conclusions that you reach. I am glad that you
mention Dioscorides as his work is also of interest to myself but from a
different perspective. I would also be very interested in any conclusions
that you draw from this line of research. If I come to any conclusions
I will forward them to you as a discussion on this topic may prove quite
useful to both of us.


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