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VMs: Re: herb names and music for Nick

> Of course, a list of those 20 Dacian herb names would still be interesting
> in its own right! :-)
> Cheers, ....Nick Pelling.....

I think the most authoritative info I found for the Dacian herb names were
from a presentation by I.I. Russu.  Some of the dacian plants he identified
from Dioscorides and the Apuleius herbal were per my yellow pad:

aniarsexe, ayn, budathala, diesema, dielleina

A friend is getting me images from a list I sent him and I will share when I
get them.

I will post the complete list from an original source shortly as soon as I
dig it out and get it into digital text format unless someone else on the
list does so for me.  I just can't make the leap away from hardcopy even
after 23 years of microcomputer usage.  Unfortunately, I am leaving for a
week camping in the Georgia mountains with my children in the morning and my
internet access may be non-existent.

I regret going away just when things may be jumping, but I am sure most on
the list are going to be happy for a week's guaranteed silence.

As to your reference to the musical nature of trying to read the text, i
find that interesting because there are many historical references to the
Dacian songs, and several historians or researchers have suggested the
language was one of songs.  (Again, google should be a good friend on
turning this up again).  I know of a reference in Jordanes that the eastern
emperor Theodorus had lived with them and heard their songs.  The Greek
historian Theopompus stated that, when the Dacians form a deputation, they
take their guitars  and play them while making their exposition. Also,
Jordanes mentions the combination of vocals and stringed
instruments/guitars, performed by the Dacian priests.

Again, please don't misunderstand, because i know by now this must be
crossing the line to an appearance of Dacian fanboydom and I hoped the
hypothesis might be looked at by others carefully.  Despite my interest in
it, I agree with your observations and Elmars that many things have a very
neat 1400's similarity.  I just keep hitting lots of clues that it also
might not be, and things like the nymph hairstyles aren't strong enough
limiting to me....  If I was truly a Dacian fanboy i would wave it all away
and say it was a 15th century copy of a Dacian writing with modernized art
and thus clear up all the problems with a wave and flourish ;)

Well, have a peaceful week all!


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