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Re: VMs: knox: carolus lundius source for Dacian/Getic writing preceeding Greek


Thanks for the link, it is going to take me sometime to digest the stuff
here, but I especially appreciate the pointer to the cup shape, as I had
seen references to this artifact without regard to the shape and thought it
might be describing funary urns or the unusual nested cylindars or stove
looking shapes in the VMS.  Truncated pyramid is a little vague, but its a
pointer to who to try and contact to get clarification or images.

I didn't intend "argument" to apply to the interchange between you and John.
There is some substantially older archival mention and cataloguing of the
styles on the list and there is the political dispute which allegedly gave
rise to the distinction, and my comment was directed more to a specific
inquiry from John Grove about earlier examples.  Personally, I looked at the
drawings in the VMS and wasn't absolutely sure I was seeing dove-tails in
the first place, but went looking to see whether the guelph/ghib.
distinction marked a real historic stylistic inception or invention or
not...  I certainly wasn't implying that YOU were making any claim that the
style locked in a date range, but I was responding to an inquiry from John
Grove about earlier examples and whether a lower end range might be
established in the 13th century....

I am not sure I get your flip and skew point?  Can you elaborate?  Also the
tagline to the signature?  Perhaps there is an identity here that i should
have been aware of?

Nor do I understand the reference to the fact that you should stay away?  If
you are disuaded purely based upon potential recent nationalistic
motivations coloring the record, I would urge you to dig into the older
histories, because they offer substantiation of Dacian writing without these
issues or bias.

Again, thank you for the pointer to this 1989 paper, it will be interesting
to print and read it carefully over the holiday and to perhaps contact the
author in light of his partial citation to Jordanes and how he squares the
opinion with the other passage therein concerning the writings, as well as
that reported by Herodotus and against the account of the Getic book Carolus
Lundius cites two sources for having examined in Italy...?  It does indeed
appear to be a modern nationalistic minefield of propaganda and generalized
conclusions.  I also hope to find his source for the castle wall
descriptions as this will be most interesting.  All my efforts to find
stylistic battlement info for the Dacians ended with images of foundatiions
and mounds only with the exception of depictions on the Trajan column, and I
simply didn't find any historical descriptions of the parapets.
Unfortunately, this paper has no citations or references regarding these
items so it is going to depend upon contact with the authorif he remains
available and responsive :(

Once again, many eyes make most all facts shallow!



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