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Re: VMs: knox: carolus lundius source for Dacian/Getic writing preceeding Greek

Wayne Durden wrote:

I omitted a wonderful reference regarding the existence and indeed even
primacy of Dacian/Getae writing over Greek, and that is the history of
Carolus Lundius!  I can't believe I forgot this in the first post.  Here is
an excellent link to the translation as PDF:


I have some for you:


See, specifically, PDF page 16 of 49 of Chapter Two,
The Dacian kingdom. Barbarian statehood in antiquity in the Carpathian region. Second paragraph.

There seems to be many schools of thought, past and present, on this. I skimmed quite a few webpages after I heard about the Rohonczi Codex.

Also on the PDF, this might be of interest:
". . .and by a certain object found in all places of former Dacian habitation. This is a cup, shaped as a truncated pyramid"

Flip and skew <911> in the Rohonczi Codex and what do you have? A coincidence (EVA-iir).

I think this is the article (above) that mentioned an ancient building style in the area that had stacked cubes on fortress walls. No significance, just something I noted. Incidentally, there was never a crenellation "argument" (re. your post a few days back) and I did not see a claim for precision dating. Information was added as it was remembered and read.

Page 6 of 89 states the issue directly, although one must be wary of the nationalistic motivation potentially.

Yes, indeed. I should stay away.

.... Knox aka Major Gaffe

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