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VMs: to Nick, re: Ovid, melodious nature of Goth/Dacian language

Hi Nick:

Regarding your musical comments, here is what Carolus Lundius said citing
Jordanes on the musical inflection issue:

"Further on he (Jordanes) shows us the extent of the eastern and western
Goths have spread, although Getae by the voice inflection (thus, singing,
because they did sing their laws too like psalms, proving that their
language was harmonious and melodious, a feature proved also by the fact
that Ovid could adapt the Latin prosody to the Getic language, see the poem
Laudes de Caesare, T.'s N.) called those peoples Ostrogoths and Visigoths."

That's found on page 27 of 89 of the pdf cited in the reply to Knox.

Just found this interesting given your statement regarding interpretation of
the VMS text as a mono alphabet....


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