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VMs: RE: to Nick, re: Ovid, melodious nature of Goth/Dacian language

Hi Wayne,

I'm curious about the idea that the Goths and the Dacians are the same
people.  I know they lived in the same area at different times, but I did
not know they were the same group.  Specifically, I thought that the Dacian
language was related to Thracian and Illyrian, while Gothic was a Germanic
language.  I thought that the Dacians would therefore be more closely
related to the Albanians, while the Goths would be more closely related to
the Germanic peoples.

I think Jordanes referred to the Gothic country as "the land our ancestors
called Dacia", but is there other evidence that they are the same people,
aside from having lived in the same place?  After all, people migrate quite
a lot.  For example, two thousand years ago Turkey was called Anatolia and
there were no Turks there, part of Italy was called Etruria and the
Etruscans lived there, there were Pelasgian cities scattered about the North
Mediterranean, and Marseille was a Hellenized Phoenician colony.



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