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Re: VMs: Prague and Italy


Thanks for that. I had already traced an artist called Barozzi
that was commissioned by Rudolph II and delivered a painting
to Prague. The architect Barozzi never left Italy AFAICT. What
I really need to find out is a connection between the Barozzi's
and the Sternberg's in Bohemia. I have a partial family tree
(thanks to the reminder from jean :-) of the Sternbergs, but so
far have found no direct Italian link. I found an old post from
Dana Scott on the same subject of Barocius/Barozzi. Was
anything gleaned from that?

I really don't know if this is going anywhere but it is a
continuation of Jan Hurych and Jean-yves initial work on this.
I think it may be important, but then who the hell am I to say?


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> J HALEY wrote:
> > Hi
> > 
> > Does anyone have any information on any families
> > that might have emigrated from Italy to Bohemia
> > during the 16th century? In particular with the family
> > name Barozzi.
> Don't know if this can help...
> Between 1567-1569 the italian architect Giovanni Antonio Brocco, 
> resident in Prague, built there the "Italians' Chapel". The chief 
> architect was Ottaviano Mascherino (1524 - 1606), a vatican architect 
> which was affiliated to Giacomo BAROZZI Vignola (aka Giacomo da Vignola, 
> 1507 - 1573).
> http://www.iic-praga.cz/Inf/IT/02003.html

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