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Re: VMs: Hi from another newbie

Hi John

Koontz John E wrote on 25 July 2005

> > Personally, however, I don't believe Dee and Kelly would have invented a
> > script like Voynichese.  If you look at their Enochian script ...
> > To my amateur eye, the Voynichese script doesn't fit Dee and Kelly's
> > style.
> I have the same general impression, too.  The stylistic and various
> potential functional parameters seem quite different.
> The Voynich material looks like someone had fun doing it, or at least as
> if it satisfied some need in itself.  Enochian looks like someone needed
> some "stuff" for some end (a con game?) and needed it in a hurry, but
> ultimately had no essential interest in the "stuff" as opposed to the end
> for which it was needed.

Well he may not have written it but I believe he had a peripheral role to
play. Unless you dig deep into the history you will never see the true
John Dee. He is everywhere. No matter what you investigate in this puzzle
John Dee keeps turning up time and again. I also believe that he was on
an intelligence mission from 1583. I don't buy the Enochian angle, I have
found to much that goes against it. He is in all the right places and doing
all the right things to spread propaganda against the Spanish. Also
Elizabeth I recalls him to England in 1589. Why? If he is the wizard that
everyone thinks he is why would she do that? In his Compendious
Rehearsal, a copy of which I have in front of me, Dee almost begs the
queen to save his name from the slanderers. What information can she
give if not the fact that he acted in her name. Well she couldn't publicly
state that.

Dee writes:
"Thither came some out of Bohemia unto me, with strange and
no vulgar opinion, settled in their imaginations, of my skill, as may
appeare by the Record of some part of the History in my Epheme-
rides noted.
Thither came some out of Denmarke unto me, as Mathias
Hacus, Danus, Regis Daniae Mathematicus; Joannes Capito, Me-
dicus Regis Daniae, and a good mathematician also; as by letters
lying on the table is evident."

"Her Majestie (A. 1583, Julii ultimo) being informed by the
right honourable Earle of Leicester, that whereas the same day in
the morning he had told me, that his Honour and the Lord Laskey
would dyne with me within two daise after, I confessed sincerely
unto him, that I was not able to prepaire them a concenient dinner,
unless I should presently sell some of my plate or some of my
pewter for it. Whereupon her Majestie sent unto me very royally
within one hour after forty angells of gold, from Syon; whether
her Majestie was new come by water from Greenewich."

Dee also mentions the safe passage from Bohemia that the Queen
arranged for him and his family in 1589. A lot of trouble over a man
that was considered a conjuror.

The final killer is:

"I sent very dutifully, humbly, and faithfully out of Bohemia
(A. 1585) letters unto her sacred Majestie, requesting an expert,
discreet, and trusty man to be sent unto me in Bohemia, to heare
and see, what God had sent unto me by friendes there at that
tyme; at which tyme, and till which tyme, I was chief governour of
our philosophicall proceedings; and by both our concentes, there
was somewhat prepared and determined upon to have 'ben sent
unto her Majestie, if the required messenger had been sent by her
Majestie unto us. But not long after (so soone as it was perceived
that my faithfull letters were not regarded therein) by lithe and
lithe I became hindered and crossed to performe my dutifull and
chiefe desire; and that, by the fyne and most subtill devises and
plotts laid, first by the Bohemians, and somewhat by Italians, and
lastly by some of my owne countrymen. God best knoweth how I
was very ungodly dealt withall, when I meant all truth, sincerity,
fidelity, and piety towardes God, and my Queene and country."

Here the pertinent lines are "perform my dutifull and chiefe desire"
and the earlier "requesting an expert, discreet, and trusty man to
be sent unto me in Bohemia."

Dee is known to have corresponded with Francis Walsingham at
this time and an agent of Walsingham's named Powle was diverted
to see Dee whilst Dee resided in Kassel. Again why?

Reference on Powle:
Virginia F. Stern, Sir Stephen Powle of Court and Country: Memorabilia of a
Government Agent for Queen Elizabeth I, Chancery Official, and English
Country Gentleman, in Sixteenth Century Journal, vol. 24, no. 4 (winter
1993), 1033.

And here is a link to a manuscript purported to have belonged to John
Dee but not confirmed. Not the Capelli like marks on some pages and
also the character much like EVA l.

Interesting isn't it?


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