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Re: VMs: Link between Phaistos Disk & VMs...!?

Dear all,

on 7/22/05 4:45 AM, Elmar Vogt at elvogt@xxxxxxx

> To restate my point: I wouldn't completely rule
> out the Dacian hypothesis.
> But can we agree that the case *for* it is pretty
> thin, as long as the predominant argument is,
> "We know next to nothing about the Dacians"?

I agree with the last bit, but not with the first 
sentence. The VMs has been studied or handled
by several MS experts, historians and archivists,
and they would be able to distinguish
between a 15th C MS and one from 1000 or more
years earlier from 10 m distance.

We can safely rule out the possibility that the MS
is much older than what is the going estimate.

Kind regards, Rene

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