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Re: Tr: Re: VMs: Hi from another newbie

jean-yves artero wrote:


About Richard Strein:


He is linked to the Codex Argenteus story; he bought
the boook for Rudolph II:

The Codex Argenteus

"Sweden had gotten a new Queen (Christina; remember
Greta Garbo), imperious and scholarly. Her favorite
was a young semi-French gallant named Magnus Gabriel
de la Gardie. He turned a mean calf (no falsche
Waden a la Goethe) and had his own hair; one could
write a great deal (and a great deal has been written)
about their romance. Both he and the queen were

Just for curiosity:
I looked up some Swedish genealogy sites and there's still misinformation about Dela Gardie family origin.
During the 1500's Pontus dela Gardie (ancestor of Magnus Gabriel), a Belgian mercenarie, became a Swedish count for his services for King.
In official documents it is mentioned that Pontus was a noble origin, and that his father was "master of /Roussol/ and /La Gardie/ and /Catherine de Sainte Colombe/".
But this information seems to be fake. A descendant of P.dela Gardie, CJ *Gardberg, a historian, has researches documents in French (Languedoc) and found out his prefather didn't have a noble blood. Actually Roussol and La Gardie were small farms, the latter's size was 15000 square meters! Pontus' father was landmerchant and paternal grandfather was a tailor.
There is an article in Finnish Genealogy magazine about this but I guess it is not in English.

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